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Carrasco is a freelance reporter and writer. She started in 1996 at the EFE Agency. In 1999 she was a local reporter in spanish TV Telecinco and newspaper El Mundo; In 2004 she worked in Euronews in France and after 2005 she was chief correspondent in Paris and Moscow. Since 2008 she covers armed conflict working for several international media.

She is a multitask journalist, being able to produce, film, cut, write and sell her own work (JRI). She does reports and films for Canal Plus France, Mediaset Spain, El País Spain, DPA Germany, ZDF Germany. She also wrote for El País, DIE Welt, Publico, DPA Germany, La Nación Argentina.

She published four books about conflicts (fiction and no fiction), and  did a Master degree in International Security Studies and Conflict Resolution (University of Reading), and in Peace Studies (UNESCO Chair for Philosophy for Peace, UJI). Lecturer in Science Po, France, and other Universities and Schools.

She received many awards for her work in Spain, the last one the Iris Award of the Academy of Art and Sciences of Television (2014) for her coverage in Syria, and the Award "Emilio Castelar" for the Defence of Freedom of the peoples. (2014).

Conflicts covered:

- VENEZUELA 2014- 30' documentary for ZDF Germany. Also broadcasted in Danmark, Portugal and Belgium.
- WAR IN MALI jan-feb 2013 (one month, Diabali, Konna, Tumbouctou, Gao)
- WAR IN SYRIA, one month in february in Homs province, including Baba Amro, and month and a half in Homs and Damascus province in July and August 2012
- WAR IN LIBYA (Several tryps, plight of refugees on the border of Ras Ajdir, one month under the regime of Gaddafi in April, rebel zone Benghazi, the fall of Tripoli and Khadafi) 2011.
- EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION (Cairo) 2011. Revolution and fall of Mubarak.
- NOTHERN CAUCASUS (Chechnya, Ingushetia) 2010. Black widows, violence still existing in the region.
- SAHEL, AFRICA. Kidnapping and terrorism of Al Qaeda at the Sahel (northern Mali) 2010, consequences on the population.
- AFGHANISTAN, 2008-2009. Kabul, Herat, with spanish troops. Suicide attacks.
- WAR IN GEORGIA 2008. Zones taken by russians (Gori and north).


- The challenge of Media in Peacebuilding“. Sciences Po, France. La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Master UNESCO for Philosophy for Peace, Castellón, Spain.
- The balance of Arab Revolution. Terrorism and Yihadism“. Casa Arabe, Madrid.. Universidad Euroárabe, Granada.
- Speaker: Ramdom House Mondadori Speaker. (See section: Conferencias).


- "LA KAMIKAZE" (Ed. La Esfera de los Libros, 2012), crime novel based in Afghanistan.  Fiction.
- "QUEREMOS SABER (WE WANT TO KNOW)" (Ed. Debate, 2012). Chapter "Freelance journalism" about the crisis of journalism and precariousness of freelance war reporters.
- Ebook  "ESTARE EN EL PARAISO (I WILL BE IN PARADISE)" (Ed. Debate, 2012). Human stories of the syrian resistance.
- "ESPERAME EN EL PARAISO", Plaza&Janés, 2014. Ramdom House Mondadori. Fiction based in Syria.


Master degree in International Security Studies (Security, Terrorism and Conflict Resolution, University of Reading, UK. 1998). Master degree in Peace Studies (UNESCO chayr of Philosophy for Peace University Jaume I Castellón, Spain (UJI). 2004). EUP Communication Information (Université Stendhal. Grenoble, France 1996). Sciences of Communication, Journalism (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, UAB, 1997).

She wrote for the Institute for the Study of Conflict and Humanitarian Action (IECAH), Foreign Policy Spanish Edition, the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE), as well as opinion articles for several media. She also gives lectures and conferences about her experience in conflict zones.

She is also a lecturer at several forums (a course entitled "Journalism and conflict. The challenges of the media in building peace" in Sciences Po France and at the UNESCO Chair Philosophy for Peace (UJI, Spain), "Freelance reporter" at the Master of the El Mundo TV, Madrid), and recently directed a project in La Casa Encendida (Madrid) called "The Long Shadow of Walls", she organised debates and screenings of documentaries and curated an exhibition of photojournalism. She speaks Spanish, English, French, Catalan and basic Russian.


"Best Foreing Correspondant" in 2011 by the International Press Club (CIP).
Finalist of "Cirilo Rodriguez Award" for war correspondants 2012.
Award "Terra Mare Ones" Mediterrani Foundation for a professional career (2012).
Award "Club de las 35" for a professional career (2012).
Award "Professionalism" Asociación de Empresarias y Profesionales de Valencia/ Business Professional Women (evap/BPW valencia) 2012.
Iris Award of the Academy of Art and Sciences of Television (2014) for her coverage in Syria
 Award "Emilio Castelar" for the Defence of Freedom of the peoples. (2014).


She was a member Jury of the Al Jazeera documentary and Film Festival (2010).  Member of the board of directors of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Spain, Association of European Journalists (APE),  "Club de las 25" and the "Cafe Philo" organised in Madrid. After the events of March 15 in Spain, she co-founded the "Real Journalism Now" platform.


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